Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Personal Information for $500, Alex!

My friend Holly has tagged me with the following quiz. Come back tomorrow for the recipe for Pasta Geronimo and the really funny story behind it.

Four jobs you have had in your life:

1. Communications Director for Children's Theatre of Madison
2. Summer Law Clerk
3. Summer intern/Jack-of-all-trades for Lightspeed Software
4. T.A. for Intro Astronomy lab at Emory University
...and as a bonus, my first job at 15: Snow Cone Production/Sales at a Sno-Shak

Four movies you would watch over and over:

1. Magnolia
2. Sirens
3. Gosford Park
4. Kissing Jessica Stein and High Fidelity (tie)

I'm not great with rules, so...
The Next Four: Chocolat, Lost in Translation, Ocean's Eleven, Pirates of the Caribbean, Four Weddings and a Funeral. Oops, that's five. Oh, well.

Four places you have lived:

1. Madison, Wisconsin
2. Chicago
3. Atlanta
4. Bakersfield, California

TV shows you love to watch:

1. Scrubs
2. Gilmore Girls
3. Supernatural
4. The Simpsons
(As a bonus, no-longer-on-TV shows I love to watch on DVD: BBC's Pride and Prejudice mini-series, Buffy, Angel, X-Files, Roswell, Friends, Frasier, Coupling (British version), Magnum, P.I. Stop laughing.)

Four places you have been on vacation:

1. Prague
2. Costa Rica
3. Italy
4. France

Four websites I visit daily:

4. (Try it! Make your own country and be a dictator!)

Four of my favorite foods:

1. Bittersweet chocolate
2. Artichokes
3. Goat cheese
4. Greek olives

Four places I would rather be right now:

1. Cayucos, California (lovely central coast beach town)
2. The resort at Playa Conchal we stayed at on our honeymoon (two words: swim-up bar)
3. In a big, industrial kitchen with lots of assistants where I could cook without running out of counter space (this will be funnier tomorrow)
4. Somewhere in Maine, preferably with a lighthouse in view (no idea why)

Four friends who I have tagged that I think will respond:

If you read my blog, consider yourself tagged!


Hmm. Nothing now.
1. I dimly remember being called 'Fluffy' early in high school, a result of my 1989-1991 spiral-perm phase. All photographic evidence has been destroyed, so don't look for any.
2. I was sometimes called 'Allie' in ballet class.
3. My aunt always called me 'Munchkin'.
4. Oh, geez. I just remembered this one. In elementary school, people would call me Allison Wonderland. And the memories just keep flooding back--Allison Ketchup (my maiden name is Ketchell).


String Bean said...

Hoo, you've got it good with the nicknames when compared with me. Mine: Beany, Crystalbell, Bowers Powers, Trigger, Sherlock, Little Shit, and Khemo<--got this one when I shaved my head a few years ago.

Elizabeth said...

I lived in Cayucos when I was young, ages 4 and 5 maybe? Though my dad was just an adjunt teacher at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, we could afford to rent a beach front house south of the town. The Pacific Ocean was my back yard. Houses on that street sell for upwards of a million dollars now. And they are the same smallish one-story ranches that were there back then. It's a beautiful area, or it was 40 years ago. I'd love to go back for a look some day.

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