Friday, March 03, 2006

%#$*! Blogger!

No photos again today. Blogger *says* it's uploading my images, but then I get a blank screen instead of the blue button you click when you're done. StringBean suggested spyware, but I have a Mac, which makes this unlikely. It was worth a try, though, so I got a spyware program and my laptop's clean. Anyone else have ideas?

Knitting: I cast on for Tubey last night. It's going to be heathered grey with charcoal, teal, powder blue, and lavender stripes. I'm still finalizing the stripe pattern, since I'm not crazy about it as written. But I'm just about 1/3 of the way through the upper back, so I have lots of time.

Reading: The Big Over Easy by Jasper Fforde. I'm still bothered occasionally by the connection to Thursday Next's world. There are references to the nursery characters not knowing they're characters, which wasn't the cast in Well of Lost Plots, and I'm not sure if it takes place in the book world or an alternative real world. I'm trying to ignore it, and the detective story is good enough to take my mind off it most of the time. I'm almost done, so I may have a review up tomorrow.

Writing: Still on chapter 3 of the murder mystery.

Cooking: Nothing interesting to report. Oh, except I had pesto leftover from making pizza last night, so I stirred a tablespoon of it into my vegetable soup yesterday, which is very, very good.

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Tim said...

Try clearing out your cache inside your browser. Sometimes that does the trick.

Otherwise, you could always use Flickr or some *other* (wink wink) free hosting space and remotely link it with your img src = a href code.