Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Just one more thing...

Thank you to everyone who said nice things about Tempting II. I think I'll wait and see if it grows on me (but Lee, I'll call you if I change my mind!). I think the whole experience of knitting it was so tedious that I wanted something really awesome at the end. But we'll see what happens. Here is a picture of the button. It came in my cup of buttons I got for $5 from Joann's. Since I don't sew, I didn't have a store of buttons, and I was tired of getting buttons every time I made a sweater. This was pretty cool--a pound of buttons, several with 2-5 of the same button. The best part are the brightly colored Osh Kosh B'Gosh buttons that are perfect for kids stuff. There was only one of these guys in there.

As promised, here are more kitty pictures than you can handle! (You're just lucky Blogger stops me at 5 pictures.) These are the boys on a safari in their grandparents' backyard.
Here, Geronimo stalks birds from the cover of a tree (we always scare off anything he gets too close to).

Mirando contemplates the Horking Grass (erbus horkus). We spend half his trips outside keeping him from eating the Horking Grass to avoid the dire aftereffects.

This may look like a German Shepherd, but it's actually Arwen, the Cat Shepherd. Arwen and Maia belong to my in-laws and have adopted our cats as part of the family. Arwen helps us keep the cats in line when we're outside. She can sense that I get nervous when the cats get too close to the fence, so she gently herds them away. The cats *love* this!

Maia is probably just saying "hi" to Geronimo as Arwen herds him away from the hedge. Maia (a Husky-Shepherd mix) doesn't have Arwen's sense of order and responsibility.

Knitting: About an inch into the bust section on Picovoli. This is such a fun, quick knit. I love Knitpicks Shine, and I love the pattern. At the end I'll post how I did the short-row shaping, which I'll probably start tonight.

Writing: Nothing new to report. I *will* have something new to report tomorrow, I promise!

Reading: Same.

Cooking: Tonight I'll probably make pasta with portabella mushrooms and goat cheese. Maybe rosemary? Recipe tomorrow if it's good.


String Bean said...

I like that button - very classy! If you ever need buttons just let me know, I have two huge coffee cans full.

Our kitties occassionally get expeditions outside, but they're always on someone's shoulder. They take off into the woods which can be bad because we have lots of woods. If they do get out without a person we send Toby after them to herd them back to us (he's part border collie). Geronimo looks like he could murder a bird kebab. Does Mirando do that icky chewing noise cats do when they're not sure if they want to eat something?

I'm going to make that cake today! My sister got me some espresso and grounds from her b/f's house (he has a cappucino machine - ooOoo...). I'll let you know how it turns out.

Annie said...

Your Tempting II is tempting me to attempt it! I really like the color and the button detail. Yay!

Rain said...

Aw, what great pets. It loks like they all get on so well. My dog won't even let birds land in the garden.

Areli said...

Nice button. I need to see if I can find a cup of buttons, I hate shopping for them, too.

Rachel said...

The button adds a nice touch of whimsy to an elegant sweater. Good choice. I'm guessing the sweater will indeed grow on you.