Sunday, March 19, 2006

Lazy Sunday

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For the humans, anyway. This is the last moderately unfuzzy photo I have of the boys fighting. I want to stress that this is just play for them. Unlike yowling catfights, theirs are almost silent. I'd never seen anything like it before.

String Bean, I can't believe I haven't mentioned it here before, but you're right--Mirando was born completely blind. His right eye didn't form at all, and his left eye formed very small, just enough so we can tell he would have had blue eyes. He has our apartment memorized and has no problem when we move things around. He also has my husband's parents' house memorized (including the huge backyard, where we take him on supervised "safaris"). The boys are pretty evenly matched in fights, and Mirando enjoys hiding around the corner and pouncing on Geronimo as he comes out of the litterbox. Geronimo is actually our more timid cat, and Mirando is the adventurous one.

Knitting: A bit further on Tempting II.

Reading: Starting The Year of Magical Thinking today.

Writing: no new progress.

Cooking: I think I've settled on Mexican food for my book club.

Edited to add: I only have the one birthday! The 18th. The "Birthday" trip to the DMV was Friday :)

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String Bean said...

My cats are anything but quiet when they fight. Kami always attacks Sam - usually by pouncing on him from on top of a table. She'll pin him down and bite his back legs until he yowls then she'll get him in a head lock and bite his ears. It's quite pitiful because Sam is twice as big as Kami. I wish one of these days he would stick up for himself.
I've heard of blind cats bumping into things all the time, but Mirando seems really aware of his surroundings. His other senses are probably superb.