Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Neverending Sweater

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Yes, we have no Tempting II pictures again today. Somehow, the laws of space and time have shifted, and the last three inches of the yoke are going to take the rest of my life. I think I'm making progress, but it's hard to tell.

Reading: I finished The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion. It was a lovely little gem of a book. It's a memoir about the year following her husband's death, but not in an Oprah-book kind of tearjerking way. She has particular phrases and images that echo throughout the book, keeping it grounded and from becoming self-indulgent. It's detached but also passionately told. I didn't like her writing style at first, and I'm not sure I'll hurry to read her other books, but I thought this one was amazing.

Writing: Same place. See, it's those laws of space and time again! No, it's more that other things have been taking a lot of time. I'm also going back to tinker with some Chapter 3 stuff, so that's slowed progress. I've had my protagonist stalled at a table in a coffee shop with the same cafe mocha for three days now. I hope she's okay.

Cooking: I like to prepare for dinner party type things in stages. Yesterday, I went shopping and made the cake and the espresso cream for the Espresso Cream Cake with Chocolate Chile-Sauce, roasted poblano chiles for the tamale filling, and made tomatillo salsa. Right before people get here, I'll make the Spicy Pinto Beans and the Chocolate-Chile Sauce. Which leaves finishing the tamale filling, making the dough, and assembling the tamales for today. Speaking of which, the corn husks need to get soaking.


Kate said...

You are knitting your way out of a black hole. It is a well -known knitting phenomenon - you knit, and knit, and knit and the thing never gets any bigger. You put it down overnight, wake up in the morning, measure your garment and find it is 27 feet longer than it was when you went to bed. I wonder that there hasn't been a PhD thesis written about it, if not a Nobel Prize awarded. C'est la vie.

String Bean said...

My sweater isn't going anywhere either. I thought it would go faster once I got to the sleeves, but all it's done is slow down.
I ripped out my Jaywalkers (if you haven't heard the ground breaking news). I knit the first sock to the beginning of the gusset, tried it on my foot, and sighed. No go. I'm going to knit it on size 2 dpns so it fits over my humpback instep. So, no progress here either. It's reminiscent of Terry Pratchett's L-space, yesno? ;)

May I have the recipe for the Espresso cake? Or is it out of a book (which one?) It sounds soooo yummy! *drool*

Your character would be better off if she had some water. The human body can survive for 3 days with nothing but water. Toss that espresso to the wind, lady, get some evian instead.

Do you know? In the time it's taken me to get to the sleeves on Forecast, you've finished close to two sweaters? It's shamful, really.

String Bean said...

My mom wants to know if you knit continental.

Areli said...

I love your cats, they always look so mellow and wise. Cats have a way of doing that, don't they? I know what you mean when projects get to that never ending stage, you just knit and knit and knit and never finish!

Rachel said...

I love how well color-coordinated your cats are. I am also jealous that they seem so sweet to each other. Our cats spend their days in aggressive turf wars that I cannot comprehend.

I have faith that Tempting II will be done soon, and then the pain of trying to finish it will be just a dull memory (sort of like childbirth, so I hear -- it's an apt comparision, right?).