Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Double espresso, please!

Not for the boys, though. It's time for their mid-morning nap.

I kept waking up last night with bits of the Novel in my head, so I finally got up and wrote for a while. Even though I'm tired, I'm very happy about this. While I've been wading through lots of research for the Novel, it's nice to be able to write some of the present-day scenes, and nice that my brain is working on the Novel when I'm not. Although, the Novel seems to want to be set in present tense, and I never write in present tense if I can help it. It's too hard to do well. But I suppose I have to give it my best shot.

In other writing news, I'm plugging away at chapter three of the murder mystery. The body has been found! The police are on their way! Thanks to google, I've been able to find a fair amount of police procedure from various departments across the country online. I'm also revising my town a bit. I think it's going to need to be a bit bigger than I'd originally planned, to allow for sequels without running into what my husband calls "Cabot Cove Syndrome", in which I kill off practically everyone in the town and eventually have to move the main character. Or send her on trips to solve murders while visiting obscure relatives never before mentioned in the narrative.

Knitting: I made the Angora Baby Booties from Last Minute Knitted Gifts last night. These were fun and quick. They took just about two Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes to make (on DVD, without commercials, so about 45 minutes each). The double knitting on the toe is like magic. Here they are. Aren't they too cute?

I knit a few rows on Tubey last night as well. I'll wait to post photos until there are stripes. A grey rectangle? Not that exciting. I keep changing the striping pattern, too, so we'll have to see where that is when I start the stripes.

Reading: Still on How to Murder a Millionaire.

Cooking: Yeah, I didn't cook anything of note last night. Roasted vegetable thingy tonight.


Tim said...

You could always make the town a thriving city of 200,000 or so with a major university, the state capitol building, and a major arts oversaturation. The slogan can be - "Prairie's End - A Drinking Town with a College Problem."

Holly said...

Oh, I LOVE the booties! Super cute!

String Bean said...

The booties look cozy. Lucky baby.