Saturday, August 19, 2006

Free Pattern - Baby Bunny Hat

This simple, rolled-brim stockinette baby hat is made with super-soft angora. I used the yarn leftover from making the Angora Baby Booties from Last Minute Knitted Gifts for the contrast color, and one full ball of the cream. Total yarn needed is less than 80 yards, and this could obviously be made as a solid-color hat.

(Yes, the baby hat *is* being modeled by a decanter of Scotch. There were no baby models available.)

Above, the hat with "matching" booties.

Yarn: Valeria di Roma Angora (100% angora), 55 yards per ball.
CC - Red - less than half a ball (or leftover from Angora Baby Booties); MC - Cream - one ball
Needles: Set of four dpns - size 5
Size: Newborn to three months

Cast on 91 stitches with CC. Divide between three needles, with 31 stitches on the first needle and 30 on the second and third. Join for working in the round, being careful not to twist. Work 1.5" stockinette stitch. Break yarn. Attach MC. Work additional 3.5" in stockinette.

Decrease Rounds:
Row 1 - k1, (k2tog, k8) 9 times (82 stitches)
Row 2 - even
Row 3 - k1, (k2tog, k7) 9 times (73 stitches)
Row 4 - even
Row 5 - k1, (k2tog, k6) 9 times (64 stitches)
Row 6 - even
Row 7 - k1, (k2tog, k5) 9 times (55 stitches)
Row 8 - even
Row 9 - k1, (k2tog, k4) 9 times (46 stitches)
Row 10 - k1, (k2tog, k3) 9 times (37 stitches)
Row 11 - k1, (k2tog, k2) 9 times (28 stitches)
Row 12 - k1, (k2tog, k1) 9 times (19 stitches)
Row 13 - k1, k2tog 9 times (10 stitches)

Break yarn. With a tapestry needle, pull the end of the yarn through the remain stitches twice. Pull tight. Weave in ends.


Stefaneener said...

Very sweet.
Hard to remember feet and heads that tiny, even now.

Rain said...

What a cute set. I love the colour of the booties and I bet they're incredibly soft.

String Bean said...

Where's the matching baby blanket?

Are those booties from Last Minute Gifts? They look it. I made a pair for a friend's baby and she loved them.

Marie said...

So beautifully soft looking! What a wonderful set. :) Butterbean will certainly look terrific in these.

Sarah said...

Awww. The widdle bitty Scotch bottle looks so warm and snuggly. Really cute hat! I'm going to have to try this one.

snowdrop said...

Oh... So nice and soft! Pretty... And that sweater in the post below turned out great!