Friday, August 18, 2006

Congratulations, it's an Hourglass!

I have to entertain myself somehow while waiting the two more weeks until the ultrasound, so I make up cheesy post titles :) I had some things going on, which is why I missed a couple of days posting, but then I got really stubborn and decided I was NOT going to post until I had finished Hourglass Sweater photos. And, now...I do! My photographer was unavailable, so I don't have modeled shots (the bathroom mirror shots didn't work out at all). So here it is, hanging in the atrocious hallway lighting, then reclining on the pappasan chair in natural light, then with a closeup on the neckline/raglan edge:

The details:
Pattern - Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, 2nd largest size
Yarn - Jo Sharp DK Wool in Seashell, 12 balls (had at least half of the 12th ball left)
I enjoyed this pattern quite a bit. I like the folded-down edges instead of a border to contain the rolling of the stockinette (which, you may be able to see, is still trying to roll, but I haven't washed and blocked yet). It was a fun knit--make sure to look up the errata, as you should with ANY pattern in this book. The sweater is very close to off-the-shoulder on me, so if you want a tighter neckline, you might want to consider some modifications. I didn't do the whole pick up stitches on cotton yarn to sew down the neck edge thing, and I was just fine. It seems like that was a pretty paranoid instruction, since you increase three times on the part that will be folded over so it'll match the number of stitches six rows down where you're attaching. As long as you go one stitch at a time, I'm not sure how you could end up with too many or too few. Whatever. I also used a 16" circular for the sleeves. I just hate 12" circs, and I can't justify buying them when I have dpns and 16" circs. The smaller sizes would need to either start the sleeves on dpns or use a 12" circ, but the 16" was fine for mine, if a bit fiddly for the first couple of rows. I was so excited on this project that I suddenly understood Kitchener Stitch! I've always hated Kitchener Stitch. I forget where I am partway through, and while following the instructions in LMKG, I also realized I've been doing WRONG since I started knitting, so it always looked wonky. I'm not sure if it was the LMKG instructions or that the 98th time is a charm, but it just clicked. It was a beautiful thing. The yarn...I'm not sure I'd recommend it. I'll have to see how much it softens with washing. This is NOT merino, people. I ended up getting two bags on sale at WEBS, but I'm not sure I'd pay full price for it. It's strong, and there were only a couple of knots in twelve balls. I definitely think Holly's sweater will be much more cuddly than mine.

Stefaneener - I hadn't even thought about the cats being able to hear the baby. With Mirando's super-cat hearing, that wouldn't surprise me! Or that they make good labor companions--they were always very sweet and concerned while I had morning sickness. Okay, Rain, the wedding ring test says girl, too :) In fact, I found a quiz with all the old wives tales about gender, and it was 84% certain I'd have a girl. It'll be fun to see whether they're right! Yajb, welcome and thank you for the link!

Other knitting: I also made a Manly Hat for a friend. I'm posting the pattern. It's so easy, it's almost not a real pattern, but I love this as a "guy" gift, and it's usually well-received. Back to the baby angora hat and the Candle Flame Shawl.

Reading: Nearly done with Emma.

Writing: I have got to STOP revising and just move on. I need to save something for the next draft. I think I'll just zip through (read: slog through 100 pages) just to make sure there's nothing glaring, then get on with the show. Otherwise, I might revise forever.

Cooking: Wow, there is NOTHING to report here. It's been warm, I've been busy.


Annie said...

Fabulous sweater! I really wanted to make that this fall...

Stefaneener said...

Pretty sweater!
There comes a point in every labor, if memory serves, when NO ONE is a good companion, but by then you're almost done. . . you and the kitties will do great.

YarnThrower said...

The close-up of your neckline looks great! And I LOVE the manly hat -- very manly, and what's not to love about a straight-forward pattern that fits a variety of sizes?!!!

Ah, pregnancy, I remember those days. Being pregnant was such a miracle, such a wonderful thing, and yet I was so very uncomfortable throughout both of my pregnancies. I think it is because I'm on the short side...and also maybe a little bit old :-) Anyway, good luck with the ultra-sound, and may you get a definitive answer to your boy vs girl question so that you may know what yarn colors to use for the rest of your pregnancy :-)

Marie said...

Pretty, pretty! I love the way the neck-line looks. I'm glad to hear that it was an enjoyable knit. It certainly moving up on my list of future projects. :)

Rain said...

Hourglass looks fantastic. i bet it looks great on you.

Wow, that's a high percentage. It will be fun to see if they were right.

Rachel said...

What a great, hardy, versatile sweater! I know you think it's not super soft, but sometimes I think a sort of rugged sweater is so appealing in the fall. I hope you get lots of wear out of it.