Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Done, and Done!

I have two big projects to talk about. The first, and smallest, is the Candle Flame Shawl:

The details:
Pattern - Candle Flame Shawl, free from Knitpicks
Yarn - Cherry Tree Hill Fingering Silk, two hanks (666 yards each)
Needles - Size 4

Notes: I really enjoyed this pattern. It's a 36-row repeat, interesting enough to keep knitting on, and repetitive enough so I didn't do any tinking. I love the yarn. It's so soft, strong, and has rich colors. But it's natural tendency is to tangle. Winding it was a major pain, and pulling from the center, I ended up with a few major entanglements. I think I prefer wider rectangular shawls. If I had been paying attention and noticed the 16" finished width, I probably would have added in another pattern repeat. The finished project is soft with a very nice drape.

The other project is my husband's Ph.D! He defended his dissertation yesterday, and he's all done! Wow! He studies animal behavior, specifically monkeys, so I made these shortbread cookies to celebrate:

Writing: I have some Chapter 1-6 changes to make.

Reading: Persuasion. I'm also listening to Sour Puss on audiobook. It's one of Rita Mae Brown's Mrs. Murphy mysteries, which are generally pretty cute.


Annie said...

Great shawl! And fabulous moneky cookies! (I want one) Hooray for hubby!

MollyBeees said...

Gorgeous shawl! I am inspired to give it a try! Congrats to your husband! I work with a company full of Ph.D's so I know what a big deal and a lot of work that is! Always enjoy the blog of a fellow Madisonian and knitter! Keep up the great work!

Rain said...

Well done Dr C! He must be chuffed to bits.

The shawl is absolutely stunning, the pattern is gorgeous and the colours are lovely. It looks fantastic.

Areli said...

The shawl is beautiful, and that monkey is so cute :-)

turtlegirl76 said...

Wow, that's gorgeous! You made me download it immediately before I even finished the post. Beautiful. And congrats to your hubby!

Marie said...

Beautiful shawl! Congrats to you on finishing and to your husband on his doctorate! It's good to see one of our ranks finishing the long slog. :)

Rachel said...

Congratulations on both! The shawl is just beautiful, and of course the finished Ph.D. must be a major relief! You two have a lot to celebrate these days. :)

Bonnie said...

I think I'd prefer a wider shawl, too, but other than that, it's gorgeous. The colors are beautiful.

Congrats to you and your DH!

honeybee33 said...

Really beautiful shawl! I know you'd prefer it wider, but it looks like you could block it wider - seems like it could use a bit more stretch widthwise? Just looks a bit puckered for lace. Congrats!

~ hb33, terribly hungry for shortbread cookies now ~