Friday, February 03, 2006

Picot Edging Is NOT a Toy!

The body of the christening shawl is finished! Last night I started on the border, which is actually my first attempt at picot edging. You can see the nifty edge above. As I was taking pictures, Mirando hopped on the table to investigate. He usually just sniffs at my knitting and loses interest, but apparently, picot edging is like catnip. First he sniffed at it, then he picked it up, hopped off the table, and started running with it in his mouth, ball of yarn trailing behind. I managed to extract my knitting from his claws and assess the damage. None! The border is just fine. I'm about halfway through the first side (of four), so I'm feeling good about finishing before the Knitting Olympics. I'm still hoping to finish Belle Epoque by then.

Writing: The murder mystery is up to 11 pages.

Cooking: Currying tonight. Always fun, always different. Recipe tomorrow.

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