Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cats in strange places

Stock photos from the Cat Archives:

Mirando loves to nap in the sink (or on top of the toilet tank) in the summer. Nice, cool spots. Also above, Geronimo enjoys the just-emptied paper recycling bin. Check out the giant paws.

Knitting: Well, I didn't knit at all yesterday. Valentine's Day, and all that. But Blogger decided it was okay to post the lace pattern close-up:

Reading: I finished White Teeth. This was an amazing novel, and I can't recommend it enough. It's about immigration and assimilation, being haunted by family history, and living in a melting pot. Among other things. I'm starting Christopher Moore's Practical Demonkeeping next. I discovered him when I bought Island of the Sequined Love Nun solely because of the title (well, it had good reviews, too).

Writing: I started my literary novel yesterday. It's going to require a fair amount of research. I plan to alternate between this project and my murder mystery. Working today on researching Victorian architecture and revising chapter one of the murder mystery.

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