Tuesday, February 07, 2006

More finished objects!

But first, Mirando and Geronimo demonstrate the versatility of a pappasan chair.

Next, here is Belle Epoque! Please excuse the bathroom shot--after I've blocked, I'll ask my husband to take a better picture. Belle Epoque is done, done, done. I cut a ribbon band, but I'm not crazy about it. I actually like it without. I haven't decided if I'm going to do the gathered back yet or not. You'll notice the lace is curling at the sleeves and bottom of the sweater. I'm hoping blocking will fix this. This was a fun knit. I used 11 balls of RYC Soft Lux to make the medium size. I managed to use a 16" circular on the sleeves instead of the DPNs--I really don't like DPNs very much, and I couldn't imagine doing two adult sleeves on them. I especially like the collar extension detail on this pattern. And it's done with time to spare for the Knitting Olympics!

And I've fixed the collar on Leo for my husband. I just bound off too tightly. I un-did the bound off edge, did one row on a size 8 circ, then bound off. It fits well, as he models it below. This was a pretty tough knit, on size 4 needles; an easy rib pattern, but very time consuming. You definitely have to love someone to make him this sweater! It took 1750 yards of Blue Sky Alpaca Silk in Mocha.

Writing: Revising chapter one (3500 words). I find revising a challenge, so I usually write a full draft first, but in this case, you meet almost all the suspects in that first chapter, and there are several important things that I have to convey (some of which I decided after I'd started writing), so this one gets revised before I go on. The rest of the book will probably be a full draft before I start revising.

Reading: I finally started Zadie Smith's White Teeth for my book club. I have trouble putting it down. I read three chapters last night, and I hope the rest of the book is this good. This is her debut novel, and it is amazing. Elegant, precise language, gripping story.

Cooking: Still too many leftovers in the fridge. I may play with an enchilada recipe tonight.

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Holly said...

I've heard White Teeth is a really good book. I'll be interested to hear what you think when you're done. I haven't gotten to that one yet....