Monday, February 13, 2006

The Last Stand at Fort Kitty Bed

Our cats get along extremely well. They were brought into the Humane Society together, and we adopted them as a pair. They have great "fights" that are completely silent--no hissing or yowls, just good fun. Mirando particularly likes to hide around the corner and pounce on Geronimo as he emerges from the litter box. Here, Mirando defends Fort Kitty Bed. It's very difficult to get action shots of their wrestling matches--they all turn out pretty blurry.

Here's the Olympic sweater:

Blogger did not feel inclined to upload the close-up of the lace pattern, but you can take my word for it that it's pretty. I love this pattern, I love this yarn. I had thought that I had checked for errata on this sweater, but apparently I hadn't. I thought I was going nuts when I noticed that I decrease from 131 stitches for the back to 101 by binding off 10, binding off 6, then decreasing 10. Um...10+6+10=30???? So I looked it up and sure enough, there is exactly one error in this pattern, and only for the size I'm making (of course!), and all I have to do is bind off 2 twice, and I'm all set. I'm just glad I caught it early. The other thing about this pattern is that I didn't read it that carefully before starting, and I have to learn how to do crochet edging to finish it. But the back is about 2/3 done, and unusually for me, I haven't flubbed the lace pattern yet. Something seems to have clicked with this pattern, and I'm reading the lace very well.

Writing: Sorry, Tim, but I need to make a change to a character, so I need to add a scene to chapter one. This week, I promise!

Reading: White Teeth. I need to just take a couple hours and finish it.

Cooking: Nothing exciting, but I think I'm going to make truffles this week in honor of Valentine's Day. I don't think I'm sharing my truffle recipes, but I might post a picture.

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