Thursday, February 23, 2006

Kitty Yoga

Geronnimo in Sphinx Pose:

Mirando in Pass the Beer and the Remote Pose:

Knitting: Well, I noticed a dropped stitch in Marie Louise's front yesterday, about 8 rows back, so I sucked it up and ripped back. I'm back almost to the neck shaping, but I should have finished the front. Argh. I guess I got cocky, like the American snowboarder who showed off and lost the gold. Anyway, I should have the front finished tonight, and I hope to have a start on the sleeves as well.

Reading: Nearly finished with The Iowa Baseball Confederacy. The story has some surprises--you get so much background in the first third that you think you know exactly where it's going, but it surprised me.

Writing: Up to page 23 on the Murder Mystery, 7000 words. I have one more scene before the first draft of chapter two is finished.

Cooking: Nothing new to report.


String Bean said...

I'm currently practicing Mirando's yoga pose, but have modified it to "Pass the cup of hot tea and gingersnaps" pose.

Elizabeth said...

love your kitty pics.

I'm in Madison, too.

Pretty soon we'll need a Madison Knitters blog ring.