Friday, February 17, 2006

After the Blizzard

Geronimo and Mirando snuggle in during the snowstorm yesterday:

Here, Mirando has Geronimo in a head-lock and is grooming the top of his head. Sometimes they get into these really entertaining grooming-fights, which my husband and I like to narrate with "You must die! You must be clean! You must die!" You get the idea.

Knitting: I've done four pattern repeats on Marie Louise's front. Sixteen pattern repeats make up the bottom half, so I'm about 1/8 of the way done. But we have a weekend starting soon, so I'll have more time.

Reading: Still on Practical Demonkeeping.

Writing: Still about the same place on everything, because I spent yesterday afternoon making these:

Pretty. The white chocolate covered are cherry, and the dark chocolate covered are peach-hazelnut. Yum. Not just those four, by the way. 54 of the dark chocolate, 64 of the white. Whew.


Tim said...

You guys got snow yesterday?? It just poured rain all day here. Thunder and lighting in February.

String Bean said...

My kitties are prone to cleaning fights, too. Kami (grey cat) usually wins. Sam's a bit of a wimp.

Wendy DG said...

Your cats are adorable. And, whoa - that chocolate looks awesome. One thing I like almost as much as knitting is chocolate! Yum.