Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Going and going and going...

I have made progress on the Heavenly Stole. It is now over half done. Of course, the last time I speculated the end might be in sight, it took another 5 weeks for me to pick the Stole back up. But I must finish it before Mother's Day! I am determined. No photo of the Heavenly Stole, since it looks no different from the last photo, except longer.
Instead, here is Geronimo in his kitty bed:

And Mirando on his pile of clean laundry on the guest bed. That's where laundry goes until we fold it and put it away. I have been known to pick Mirando up and set him on a warm pile of laundry fresh from the dryer, where he invariably curls up and goes to sleep. Then I can't possibly disturb him by folding clothes right now :)

Reading: Still on a fluffy book kick.

Writing: Still at 21,000 words, but I've done some revision. I have a sheet of paper with cryptic notes like "ch3-T/C dialogue w/ R." for things to deal with later. I've left my pov character in a restaurant again, but this time she has company, food, and wine. I'll get back to her today. I'm on chapter 5 of probably 12 chapters. I can't believe how much I've written. I sometimes have moments of "I'm doing this all wrong! I should have done an outline!", but overall I feel the story is better without being outlined all in advance. I get to let things develop more naturally instead of forcing relationships or events.

Cooking: Had friends over last night. I made French bread--funny story, the dough was too sticky, so I added flour, then it was too dry, so I added water, and so on, until I ended up with 4 loaves instead of 2. I've never had this kind of difficulty with bread before. I also stuffed mushrooms with spinach-parmesan polenta, made pasta with mushrooms, artichokes, and roasted peppers, and Chocolate Decadence with Mixed-Berry Sauce for dessert. Yum.


Rain said...

I've heard some excuses for not doing the laundry!

String Bean said...

All our kitties love warm laundry, too. They especially love towels. Sam will dig through the towels until he makes a cave that he can lay in. He does the same with afhgans on the couch. We always have to check if there's a buried cat before we sit down. We've had plenty a yowling cat/scratched human incident.

That's a great picture of Geronimo. He could be saying: "What are you staring at, minion?"

Having fun with bread? I only made French bread once. It was alright. I prefer making Mom bread (recipe to be posted in next post) or Challah (love to braid). Sometimes I get in a Challah rut. No family members have complained yet.

Marie said...

Oh to be a cat and get to sleep on warm laundry! :) Though I did snuggle my warm-from-the-dryer towels yesterday...ahem.
You are writing very fast! Quite impressive. :) Do you know how you want things to wrap up or are you leaving that to develope as you go along as well?