Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It's all about the routine

Yesterday, our routine stopped for a few minutes. The cabinet under the sink, where all our Tupperware lives, had been subject to a leak. We only noticed because that's where the watering can lives, and I wanted to plant my herbs on the porch. When we dug it out, it was already full of water. Handy. So were several other things. So we cleaned out the whole thing, and the nice maintenance guy for our apartment building came and fixed it. This is how the cats reacted:

Geronimo hides under the covers. Change=evil. When we have social visitors, he will generally check them out and sometimes stay out with people. Unless it's a large group, or a noisy one--then he disappears.

Mirando keeps his distance, but really isn't too thrown by it. If anything, he's intrigued by the sounds coming from the kitchen. He's a friendly guy with social visitors.

Here's something new:

You'll notice that on the sidebar, under Free Patterns, I have two things listed as Coming Soon. This is only really true for the Hint of Spring Scarf. The Indian Summer Shawl is still in the concept stages, and should really be labeled Coming Eventually - Don't Hold Your Breath. I'm a couple of feet into the Hint of Spring Scarf, which was inspired by the two skeins of Rowan Summer Tweed (one shown above, wound into a wonky-looking ball) that a friend gave me. I really love this yarn. I did lots of swatching, and settled on a design I'll share when I have finished object photos. Sometimes, I'm perplexed by scarf "patterns": "Cast on 20 stitches. Knit to desired length." Right. But, I think I came up with a cute look that other people might enjoy. Look for the new pattern sometime this week.

Other knitting: I found my black Lamb's Pride Bulky, so I will start the replacement bracelet bag soon. A few rows on Somewhat Cowl. But mostly, playing with my new scarf :)

Reading: The Love Wife by Gish Jen. I wonder if I should put a books section on my sidebar. Hmmm.

Writing: Still revising. I might start chapter 5 today, anyway.

Cooking: With pasta and pizza leftovers, there was no cooking last night. Tonight, I think I will make Stuffed Peppers A La Kate. Something I haven't done in ages is bake cookies, and I think I'll do that sometime this week--before it gets too hot to have the oven on! Oh, and I'm planting today. (It was warm enough last weekend, but I didn't have seeds yet.) I'm planting a big pot of basil, some cilantro and parsley, and NEW THIS YEAR!, random mixed flowers, peppers, and tomatoes. When I was a child in Southern California, we had a big backyard, and a corner of it was the garden my dad and I planted every year. Corn, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, squash during the summer, and pumpkins in the fall. And apple, almond, orange, lemon, and pistachio trees. And grape vines. We had an above-ground pool, right by the grape vines, so we could reach out and eat warm grapes in the pool. Er-a bit of a tangent, there. Anyway, I thought a pot each of peppers and tomatoes was worth trying on my little porch in Wisconsin. There's nothing like fruits and vegetables you grew by yourself, just picked and warm from the sun. Yum.


Rachel said...

I've never tried Summer Tweed. I'm looking forward to seeing your scarf design -- very intriguing!

String Bean said...

I do indeed love homegrown veggies and fruit. In New York we had a huge veggie garden, but haven't had one since. The most we've grown since then has been tomatoes and herbs. I do love a tomato that hasn't been refrigerated. I eat them plain - no salt - yummy.

I'm finally moving! Hurrah!

Sam and Sophie are the same way. Whenever there's company they're outta there. Kami is the sociable one. When the guy came over to install our marmoleum floor she was all over him - the little hussy.

Areli said...

Looking forward to your patterns, sounds lovely, and the yarn looks very purty.

Rain said...

Can't wait to see the scarf design.

The cats always make me smile.