Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Techniques for Hint of Spring Scarf

I'm not normally one to do tutorials--there are others who do it far better than I. But there are a couple of things that might give you pause in the daisy pattern, so I took some action shots.

Yarn Over Twice:

With the yarn already in front, bring the yarn clockwise over the right needle and back under it to form a second loop on the right needle.

Yarn Over Twice - Wrong Side:

When you reach the two loops on the wrong side (Row 2), it will look like this. Insert your needle into the rightmost loop to knit as usual.

Do not pull the second loop off the needle.

Insert your right needle into the back leg of the loop and knit.

Voila! Continue knitting as directed in the pattern.

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String Bean said...

I had a double YO in a lace pattern I was doing. I simply hate them. Tricky little buggers.

I started Picovoli yesterday. :D I love Frog Tree Alpaca.