Friday, April 14, 2006

April showers...again

I'm not sure any photo can convey how massive Geronimo is, but note that here he takes up more than one couch cushion:

Mirando loves to sleep propped up on things; piles of laundry, pillows, people's legs...

Knitting: I felted the black version of the bracelet bag yesterday. These bags are so cute. Everyone I know is getting one of these for their birthday. I will probably attach bangles to both bags this weekend. Still going on Somewhat Cowl. Every time I measure the raglan seam, it's different. Yesterday, I measured it and it was 10", which means I'm almost done, but after I'd done two rows I measured it again and it was 9.25". Huh? I think I'm going for something between 10.25" and 11". So, I'm either practically there or I have over an inch. We'll see what the tape measure says today. I'm trying to measure without stretching, but it's difficult with the sweater bunched up on the circs. And when I hold it up to me where I think the raglan seam goes, it seems quite long already. Maybe I need to move it to scrap yarn or a longer needle to get an accurate measure. Also, I don't think I have size 4 dpns, which I should have for the sleeve ribbing. Oops. Knowing me, I'll just do them with the 5s and hope for the best.

Thank you for your kind comments on the scarf! If you do decide to make it, send me a link to your FO and I will add it to the pattern post.

In the ongoing quest for a Picovoli with sleeves, I have another link to add today :) Click here for help from Grumperina.

Reading: The Love Wife by Gish Jen. So good.

Writing: Started chapter 5! I'm only at about 20,500, so no huge amount of progress. I'm still going back for revision as well.

Cooking: I made Cinnamon Raisin Bread in the bread machine yesterday. I made it with half whole wheat flour, and I don't think my husband even noticed. Maybe next time I can sneak some flax in there, too.


Areli said...

Your cats look so comfy all stretched out. Looking forward to seeing your finished bag, it's a pretty cute pattern.

YarnThrower said...

I enjoyed perusing your blog today. I just had to say, "Hey", since I live just outside of Madison! The Farmer's Market bag is so cute!

Rain said...

I get cases of shrinking knitting too. It's the Knitting Pixies misbehaving!