Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hardly Working?

This is my spring working spot, on our porch. Geronimo is "helping", and you can see Mirando watching (well, listening and smelling) the world going by. In a couple of months, it will be too humid and mosquitoe-y to work out here except first thing in the morning, so I'm very much enjoying it right now.

Knitting: More on Heavenly Stole, which is starting to actually look stole-length. It's going to be lovely, but I can't wait to be done with it. The SKC knitalong end date was clarified as the end of May, which gives me tons of time to finish Orangina. My very first sweater took a month of knitting in every spare moment; it's hard to believe I've gotten to the point where two sweaters in two months is no big thing (of course, they are both short- or no-sleeved). One of the best things about knitting is the feeling that I'm constantly improving and mastering new skills.

Writing: Okay, still at 21K. But I've reworked the first scene in chapter five...again. I'm not great at this writing romance stuff (and I'm not even talking sexy stuff, which I don't think I could write without dying of laughter, just two people sitting in a restaurant with mild flirting). I think it's getting better.

Reading: Still on my fluffy novel.

Cooking: String Bean, I usually love making bread! I have no idea what happened this time. I've never tried making Challah before, but sounds like a good project for me :)


Rain said...

It looks like a lovely spot to work from - the cats seem to like it too!

Stefaneener said...

Gah -- what a lovely lovely place to work. And your boys look so, so, non-interruptive of your work. Sigh. And, you know, we had a flame point orangy cat (he looked like a Creamsicle) for a while. Unfortunately, he'd been declawed before being taken to the shelter, and would run after the children and bite them. Cat rescue found him a more-adult home. Your boy is so pretty. I'd like another one someday, when our Things are big enough to be real cat people.

Marie said...

Looks like the perfect spot for working and reading! I'm jealous! :)

String Bean said...

Kami would be stepping all over the keyboard. I think she likes the feel of the keys moving under her paws. Or, she just likes to annoy me so I have to hit "that one key in the top corner" repeatedly.

You should try making Challah. You can mix the dough together in your mixer then plop it in a greased bowl to rise. The hardest part is the braiding, assuming you're making a six braid. The three braid is easy. It's yummy bread, too...great with jam and tea...