Friday, April 07, 2006

April showers, and all that

I'm trying to get a bit more consistent in posting progress photos, really I am. So, here's the bracelet bag, pre-felting:

I like the color combination. I cast on a couple more stitches, adding a couple increase/decrease rows, and lengthened the body since I'm using a heavy worsted yarn rather than the bulky called for. So we'll see what happens. I still need to dig up bangles.

And here is the Somewhat Cowl, with a close-up of the raglan seaming. The color is truer in the larger view.

I like to show some details in my knitting photos, because when I look at other knitting blogs, I'm often squinting at photos of the final product, wondering how the seams came together, or what the lace pattern looks like up close. If anyone has suggestions about details to show, please comment. It just takes a minute for me to take a picture and upload it.

I realized I missed Lee's question about Picovoli--could you add cap sleeves? My answer is "Sure, why not?" because that tends to be my approach to knitting in general. But I do think it would be quite easy. I'm having trouble picturing exactly how with a top-down construction, though. White Lies Designs has a great addendum to their Shapely Tank (free pattern) that adds sleeves right here, although it's for a pattern knit flat and seamed. If you're more adept than I am at converting patterns for knitting in the round, it's probably really obvious to you!

I'm nearly done with the Farmer's Market Bag pattern. You'll notice a spot in the sidebar just waiting for the link. Since I can't upload a .pdf directly to blogger, I will probably write it up as a post. I can e-mail the pattern in .pdf to anyone interested, though. I'm trying to work out how to do a color chart right now. Although, it's two very simple patterns, so I might try just writing out the instructions.

Tim, I do just add recipe/pattern/photo links to the template when I add something I want in the sidebar "categories". Since blogger doesn't do indexing, this manual method seemed a good alternative. It's not the most elegant, but it at least makes things more accessible.

Reading: Almost through with Winter of Discontent. Still disappointed. Not only is the mystery dragging on and on with this obscure WWII history that I still can't believe the heroine latched onto as a motive for murder, but Dorothy hasn't worn any interesting hats in 200 pages.

Writing: Over 18,000 words. Is today the day to end chapter 4? I sure hope so :)

Cooking: Yeah, I didn't do anything interesting for dinner last night. Pasta tonight. That, or highly experimental butternut squash dish. I'm making hummus and baba ghanosh today, and I will try to actually write down what I put in.


Stefaneener said...

Good night! I look away from your blog for five minutes, and you've redesigned it, knit 4,000 things, written patterns, caught the cats being cute, and still written? Sheesh. Picovoli is great; the market bag looks practical and nice; I can't wait to see more. Wow. Just wow.

String Bean said...

I use a close-up feature on my camera (Olympus D-540 ZOOM). I don't know the technical term for it, but I call it 'Little Tulip with an S' or 'Super Tulip'. What can I say? I'm a natural with technology.

I agree with Stefaneer, but it was two seconds! I'm stuck on this two thing, aren't I? Okay, maybe it was more like a week or something, but still! Nice work! Picovoli ...grumble...grumble..