Sunday, April 09, 2006

Building Character

I learned something really interesting the other day, when attempting to felt my bracelet purse. Debbie Bliss Merino Aran is superwash wool. I figured this out after one trip through the washing machine, when it looked the same as it had going in, only wet. I looked at the label again; no large print proclaiming "machine washable" or anything. Then I noticed a little geometric shape, on the inside of the band, that I suppose was meant to be a washing machine. Argh. So much for that. At least it was small. So I made another little bag with white Brown Sheep and KFI Athena, and I think it'll be cute and springy. I still want to make a black bag, but I have to dig out the yarn. Hey, you guys weren't not telling me about the Debbie Bliss for your own entertainment purposes, were you? 'Cause that's just mean :)

We cycle the boys' toys in and out every one to two weeks so they don't get bored. But one toy variety is always out. These are Mirando's "half-a-balls". They started out as whole balls, formed by two halves that snapped together, with catnip toys and bells we could put inside. But every time we put them together, he would take them apart again. He likes to carry one into the bathtub and play hockey with it, and he sometimes carries one up onto the bed when he comes to sleep with us. We think he's afraid he'll get bored. Anyway, I have never before managed to get a photo of him carrying a half a ball in his mouth, until now:

Geronimo, looking goofy in the sunlight:

Other knitting: A bit further on Somewhat Cowl. I like this pattern so far. There's been discussion of the sweater being too baggy unless the raglan seam is shortened. I haven't decided what to do about that yet. I think I'll try it on and decide whether to go with the original 11" called for or the 10.25" recommended for a snug fit.

Edited to add: Someone just posted a Picovoli with sleeves here. She doesn't seem to have her own blog, but I posted a comment asking if she'd mind sharing how she did it.

Reading: I finished Winter of Discontent. It was really not Dams' best book. I started The Love Wife by Gish Jen. I really like Gish Jen, but I've just barely started this one. There are a lot of point-of-views, which I'm finding distracting, but I think I'll get used to them.

Writing: Chapter 4 is done! 20,000 words. That means I'm about 1/3 of the way through. I have some revising to do, which will probably be tomorrow, then it's on to chapter 5.

Cooking: I made roasted red pepper-eggplant sauce for pasta last night. It was good, but the eggplant was chewy. Needs more experimentation.


Lori said...

Love the kitty pics! Your cats look so much more fun than mine! : )

Areli said...

Cute kitties!

Yummmmm! Roasted eggplant!! I love it, we had eggplant parmigiana the other night and it was sooooo good!

String Bean said...

Have you tried giving your kitties those colored foam balls? Kami adores them! They bounce very nicely, too; not too high, not too un-bouncy.

I made the most decadent jelly roll last night filled with pastry cream, chantilly cream and strawberry jam. OooOooOoo...yum.
I also made the best chicken soup recipe of mine (so far). If I ever remember to write it down, I'l send it to you or just post it.

I didn't know about the yarn, I swear! :D Truly, I had no idea you were using it and if I knew I would've warned you.

Marie said...

Debbie Bliss merino is superwash?! O-o
You'd think they would advertise it more than with the undecipherable little symbols. It's too bad your bag won't felt-up. It looks very nice as it though.
Your kitty pictures are causing me serious cat envy. $&*^% no-pets apartment rules. Sigh. Geronimo and Mirando are too cute. :)

lee said...

Cool! Now can you translate what she said? I guess I'll just have to start it and figure it out as I go. Thanks for the link.