Monday, April 17, 2006


No, we're not celebrating Easter Monday, but rather our cats' birthdays today. We don't actually know when Mirando and Geronimo were born, so we celebrate Kitty Day on the anniversary of the day we adopted them. They will split a can of tuna later today :) Here are some pictures of the boys' early days with us. Blogger felt the number I wanted to upload was unreasonable, and stopped me at three. There will probably be more this week...

Knitting: Finished the sleeves on Somewhat Cowl. I just have to add length so it's not a crop-top.

Reading: Nearly finished with The Love Wife. It's a really good book so far, and I can't wait to see how it ends. I have a couple hours left on the Dark Tort audio book, too. I like Diane Mott Davidson, but there are things I skim over when I read her books in print that are a bit grating in an audio book. Like, do I have to hear about a character's "mop of straw-colored hair" EVERY TIME he shows up? And "golden strands"--just say "grated cheese". And espresso DOES NOT "twine" into the cups. And people ask stuff "querulously" all the darn time. Argh.

Writing: Still at the same spot. I hope to finish the first scene of chapter five today. I'm trying to be very conscious of avoiding the sorts of irritants I talked about above :)

Cooking: Nothing new. Need a trip to the store.


Areli said...

Your Somewhat Cowl is looking great!

Happy Birthday kitties!

Elizabeth said...

Your cats are such good buds. It's nice to see them cozying up for a nap. We celebrate our cats' birthdays on April 15. They are siblings and that probably is a good guess for when they were born. Strays from the humane society, but about 2 mos. old when we got them.