Saturday, April 01, 2006

A Brand New Bag

So, I spoke too soon about the project focus. Not only do I have two things to start for the SKC knitalong, but I started the Farmer's Market Bag from Weekend Knitting. I love this book, and I think this is the first pattern I've done. Except I'm not really doing this pattern. I've had the yarn (not the Classic Elite Montera called for, but Lamb's Pride Bulky) for ages, and I was excited to finally start it because the farmer's market starts soon, and I spent all last summer using a canvas tote that was too small and uncomfortable to carry. And I really think the pattern is beautiful. So I cast on for the base and picked up the stitches for the bag and made it through 5 rows of the 30-row stranded colorwork chart, and decided it was not for me. I like my felting projects a little less complicated than that. So I ripped back and decided to design my own bag. I was going to need to change the straps and add pockets/pouches/dividers (like for the one time of year I buy morels and I do *not* want them squished under a bag of potatoes). So, I started the bag body over, improvising a simpler, stripe-based design with a dash of easy colorwork for fun. Here's where I am so far:

I love the color combination, and I like the look of the stripes. The geometric pattern on the Weekend Knitting design is lovely, just too much of a pain for me for a project that's more product than process, and needs to be functional. I will post the design when I'm through, for those of you who take your farmer's market outings seriously. :-)

More knitting: I might ceremoniously cast on for both the Somewhat Cowl and Orangina for SKC today. Orangina is in Rowan 4-Ply Cotton in Bloom, and Somewhat Cowl in Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in Moss. But I have until mid-May to finish both, and I do really want to finish Picovoli. Look, I'm back to more projects than I can handle!

Reading: Bloodsucking Fiends.

Writing: A bit more on the Novel, actually (one of the present-day sections). Not much further on Chapter 4 of the murder mystery.

Cooking: Not a thing. We ordered in Chinese last night.

Random: One of the writing-oriented blogs I read had a really funny discussion on the rules of social contact. She's decided to be a hugger, and talks about the nuances of hugs/handshakes/cheek kissing. It's right here.


Wendy DG said...

Thanks for dropping in on my stash. The colors in the bag are fabulous. Very nice work!

String Bean said...

You amaze me! I've been working studiously (studiously!!) to try and finish something. Today I got fed up and knit a pot holder out of ugly artful yarns museum.

Here's a reason to scream WOO-HOO!:
I got Mason-Dixon Knitting today. I love it! I spent most of today reading it.

I've been tempted to knit a bag, but ...well, my finishing dilemma. I also want to make myself a piecework comforter cover. The only comforter cover I have is flannel - inappropriate for summer. I also have 2 comforters so I'll need two cottony ones.

Aren't you glad I used your comment area to type a post? :D

*Hug* I don't do the kiss on the cheek thing. What if I was deathly ill or just had terrible breath? We'd both be mortified.

Rain said...

It looks fantastic and the colours are wonderful together.

Elizabeth said...

Nice work for your bag. I love the colors.

Snarkdog said...

Love the colors on that redesigned farmers' market bag. I love designing my own versions of felted bags.