Thursday, May 11, 2006

Almost a Sock

Blogger feels that photos are unnecessary in today's post.

Knitting: I'm almost done with the first sock, just the toe decreases left. I'm definitely casting on for the next one as soon as I bind off the first. Rachel, thank you for your nice comments on T-Twist! It helps to think of it as part of the learning process. It also helps to know I'll have a wearable top once I actually re-knit :) I'm plagued with indecision on the Indian Summer Shawl. I keep swatching designs...I hope I come up with the perfect one soon, as I really want to start it.

If you read The Panopticon, you're familiar with Franklin's drawings, but I keep finding myself scrolling back to his post last Friday, because I just love this one. It cracks me up every time.

Reading: Still on the fluffy book. In addition to The History of Love for my book club, I also have On Beauty by Zadie Smith in my queue.

Writing: 23,500 words! Chapter 5 has an end in sight. I just had to go back through all 80 pages to figure out what day it is in the book at this point. D'oh! Should have been writing that in my notes all along :)

Cooking: I made the black bean and corn enchiladas last night. Yum. I need to make banana bread soon, as our entire apartment now smells like overripe banana. Cooking Light had a great section on banana breads a couple years ago, and they have several recipes all together. The version made with coconut, then glazed with lime, is really nice, as is the cardamon-pistachio one. I'm supposed to bring something to a potluck tonight, too. Maybe brownies.


YarnThrower said...

I don't know if you'll entertain cooking questions... I want to try roasting asparagus. (I steam almost all of our veggies, mostly because I don't really know of other healthy ways to prepare them.) Does the term "roasting" mostly refer to cooking in the oven at a higher temp, like 400 degrees? Anyway, my dh & kids went to the farmers' market and bought some asparagus last weekend, so I'm going to try roasting it tomorrow night...
I had to really laugh at the "pack rat" part of your post. I'm always on an organizing kick at our house, and making progress, but no end in sight yet. From the backgrounds in pictures you've had on your blog, however, I've always thought, "Wow, what a tidy house."

Rain said...

I hope blogger behaves itself for you. It wouldn't even let me comment last night.

I love Franklin's drawings too. He did a great one regarding the SnB saga.

String Bean said...

Dontcha love Blogger's little mood swings?

I'm adding The Panopticon to my reading list asap. What fun!

Rachel said...

I love the Panopticon's cartoons. My favorite one (fairly recent) showed a child sheep wearing a wool sweater, looking up at the mother sheep (who is holding knitting needles), saying "It itches."

Sounds like you're making progress on all sorts of things -- I hope it continues!

KnitPastis said...

Please keep on talking about what your cooking! I always look so forward to reading about it. I really think cooking and knitting go hand in hand.