Friday, November 03, 2006

Seeing Double

You know what we haven't had in a while? Kitty pictures! The guys have been enjoying today's sunshine:

Check it out, Day 3 of daily blogging!

Knitting: This might look familiar, but it's not quite what I showed you yesterday:

I did decide to rip out and start over in the round. If it were a sweater, I don't think I would bother, but as a dress, it would have meant more than nine inches of back and forth stockinette...twice, so I decided it was worth it. I prefer seamed adult garments, but for infant clothes, seams don't seem necessary, and it's so much easier this way. It's the 3-6 month size, so I don't expect Butterbean will be out dancing or anything in it :) I'm already nearly to the point I was before in length (though of course it's really double that, since I'm now working the back and front at the same time). I think I'll take your advice and stick to one color in the dress. I really love being able to post wonderings about things like that, and having your helpful opinions!

Reading: Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrave Manor. This is a fun book. I really am enjoying it. Barron's a lovely writer, and the story is very engaging.

Writing: I've added a couple of scenes, plus gotten work done on Chapter 7. Word count - 32,139. Yes, that's 2000 words since yesterday's post. It's going suddenly well, though I don't want to jinx it :) I think the NaNoWriMo might have been the spur I needed to break through the foggy preggo brain. Anyone who wants to be a reader once the first draft is complete, just let me know!

Cooking: Well, nothing really. We've had lots of leftovers, but I do have some nice things planned for the weekend. And I have GOT to make my Orange Cinnamon Rolls. And cookies! It's been ages since I've made cookies. And I need to make sourdough bread again! And we still have Pain Automnal a la Courge to eat up, so Matt's going to roll his eyes at the huge quantities of baked goods again... Although he loves having cookies in the apartment, so he might ignore the excess of baking.

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KnitPastis said...

You certainly are going to have the best dressed baby! I have to start looking for some simple whole wheat based flour recipes instead of white flour. I need to eat healther desserts from time to time so if you happen to come across a food blog or recipe...give the shout out.