Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Hey, Rachel, ready for another direct hit to the uterus? (Hee hee!) Here it is:

The details:
Pattern - Picot Dress (without pocket or matching purse) from Debbie Bliss Special Knits
Yarn - Rowan Wool Cotton in navy, 3 balls
Needles - Size 5 (Size 4 for details)
Notes - The pattern called for Cashmerino Baby on size 2 and 3 needles, but I got gauge on the 5s with the Wool Cotton. Not sure how that's mathematically possible, but whatever, it worked. I like this yarn--it's durable but soft. The pattern called for 4 balls of Cashmerino Baby (which has more yardage than the Wool Cotton), but I got the whole dress and one bootie out of 3 balls. I worked in the round until dividing for the armholes, and it was a much more pleasant experience that way. The picot bind-off gives it a nice finished look, and I like the seed stitch bodice with stockinette skirt. I found this an enjoyable pattern to knit, and I think the finished product is just darling. Stefaneener, I love the idea of diaper cover/bloomers to go under! I might make those in a lighter blue I have.

I made these to match:

Pattern - Dainty Bootees from Knitting for Two
Yarn - Rowan Wool Cotton in navy (not much yardage at all)
Needles - Size 5
Notes- Cute, fun, quick, clever construction. Awesome. I love booties. I can make them while watching a single movie.

Oh, Stefaneener, the other thing I forgot to mention is that you have four Things to look after, and I only have one who isn't very time-consuming right now :) I think that helps my productivity!

Other knitting: I think I will do a Miss Dashwood. I'll probably make a bigger size so I can use the Wool Cotton instead of the heavier yarn called for in the pattern. I have Gryffindor socks to make for Matt for Christmas. (By the way, anyone have a favorite basic men's sock pattern for self-striping yarn?) Still working on the garter stitch blanket.

Reading: Jane and the Unpleasantness... If this is taking longer than usual, it's not that the book is boring. I love the book. I think I'm just more tired at night and not reading for as long.

Writing: Chapter 8! Goodbye, Chapter 7! Word count: 35,518. Not much progress in actual words yesterday, more brainstorming and futzing around. That's my pattern.

Cooking: We did make pizza, but nothing exciting. Pepperoni for Matt, Mushroom, Olive, and Garlic for me. A little crust for Geronimo, our carb-crazy cat. I plan to make chili soon, but we're having a warm spell and it doesn't seem appropriate for the weather. KnitPastis, let me know how it goes with the baking!


YarnThrower said...

Since I haven't figured out how to send you an e-mail, I'll leave you a comment.....

My intention yesterday was not to offend you, so I am sorry if I did. (I noticed that it did not get past your screening process....)

Moving on...

Areli said...

The dress is so cute! I think little bottoms would be darling, I cant' wait to see what you come up with.

Marie said...

It's all so cute! The picots are so sweet looking and I love the booties. :) Bloomers underneath would be so perfect!

Stefaneener said...

That is pretty dang cute. I was just thinking it's about time for me to drag out my sewing machine for Thing 4. . . dresses sew faster than they knit!

I actually went over and ordered the Jane book at the library! I should do this the FIRST time you mention good-sounding books.

Rain said...

That's gorgeous. The little one is going to look adorable in it. I can't wait for her to arrive. Don't get me started on the shoes, they're too cute for words.

KnitPastis said...

Oh girl, The dress and the booties are so precious. Navy is one of my favorite colors. Best dressed baby coming our way!

Anonymous said...

I looooooove the dress and booties! I have the same Debbie Bliss Book and have been meaning to make the organza edged jacket! :)
Lovely work...:)

Anonymous said...

That little dress is lovely!

snowdrop said...

O my! That's so adorable! Really beautiful work!