Thursday, November 16, 2006

Making it to the top...

So, I mentioned that I'd dismantled the desk in our bedroom to make room for Butterbean. I kept a couple of parts--a bookshelf, and then the top shelving part. We put the top shelving part on top of a dresser. Geronimo immediately started hopping up there. Mirando was interested, but it took him a bit longer to decide it wasn't too high up for him. He discovered it this morning while his brother was up on the topmost shelf.

Aren't they cute? Note the still-unread copy of The Alchemist on the dresser. Mirando made it to the top on his own. He looks like Sir Edmund Hillary or something. He's always very proud of himself when he gets somewhere tricky on his own.

The less adventurous Geronimo, curled up on his favorite afghan. (We had to wash it yesterday, actually, and Geronimo hates when we do that. Takes all the kitty smell out.)

Stefaneener, if you find that co-op, let me know :)

Knitting: Finished the back on the Ruffle-Edged Cardigan. Getting closer on the garter stitch blanket. Now, I'm actually contemplating picking up and knitting a border with an eyelet row that I could thread a satin ribbon through instead of the edging. I did this with a christening shawl I made, and thought it was nice.

Reading: Jane and the Man of the Cloth. Very much enjoying it.

Writing: Still just over 40,000. Hopefully getting going on Chapter 9 today.

Cooking: We've had leftovers, so nothing interesting to report. I'm thinking about making this no-knead bread, though, since every other food blogger in the universe seems to be doing it.


mle said...

The kitties are so cute! Such personality. I can't imagine not having our two mischeif-makers! LOL

Rachel said...

Well, given the imminent (but good!) upheaval in your lives with the arrival of Butterbean, it must be nice to know that at least you have your cats filed away neatly on the shelves. :)

Rain said...

Mirando always amazes me with what he gets up to.

I think the edging idea for the blanket sounds lovely.