Wednesday, October 31, 2007

'Tis The Season

(By the way, scroll down for ACTUAL KNITTING CONTENT. No, I'm not kidding. Close your mouth or you'll catch flies.)

Snuggle season, that is! Geronimo and Mirando are snuggling at almost every nap now:

When we first moved in, the guys mostly stayed near us in the house, but they now feel at home and have established their favorite spots in the house. One of them is on the blue blanket on the guest bed. And it's cold enough that they're napping together. So cute. They tend to sleep at night on the bed with us, which is very sweet.

Yarnthrower, I tend to call anyone older than me Mr. or Ms. at first. My parents had drilled that into me, and it's stuck. Usually the person quickly tells me to call them by a first name, but it's a nice courtesy, even if it's old-fashioned. It sounds like a good idea to model that for your kids! And thank you for the compliment :)

Thank you for Crock Pot suggestions! Beth, it didn't even occur to me to assemble the night before. Duh. I shall try that soon. Rachel, doesn't HP7 make so much more sense now? I love that JKR didn't make it really obvious, but knowing it really enhances the book, in my opinion.

Knitting: I have been knitting! Not a ton, but see for yourself:

It's Tussie Mussie! I decided to go with single strand on size 5 needles, and I like it so far. I thought, what the hey, I'll do the cute nosegay pattern until I saw "make bobble" in the chart. Ugh. Scratch that. So I'm knitting it without the pattern and also knitting it in stockinette instead of reverse stockinette. I'm calling it the "No Tuss, No Muss" Tussie Mussie. Tee hee hee. (You have to imagine that as one of the chuckles Marge Simpson does when she's laughing at one of her own bad puns.) I'm excited about a new sweater for myself. And excited to post knitting content, too. I'm hoping it becomes a habit, but you never know.

Reading: Just mystery re-reading. Gearing up for Special Topics in Calamity Physics, which I expect to either love or hate, as with most post-modern novels.

Writing: I have a writing workshop at Emory this Saturday on rewriting, so I'm really excited about that.

Cooking: I made Pasta with Lemon, Beans, and Greens again. It is so good. I also made Pasta Geronimo (recipe at left). I'm making Tuscan Chickpea Soup (another Cooking Light recipe) tonight--a late start means I'll do this in the stock pot-- and possibly Rosemary Focaccia (surprisingly enough, this was a huge seller at our bake sale, so I didn't get to eat any of the 8 loaves I made last weekend). Also on the agenda are Pinto Bean Burgers, a Cooking Light recipe, which sound good, though I NEVER make my own veggie burgers, so I hope they're worth the effort.


YarnThrower said...

My thoughts on bobbles exactly! Enjoy your writing workshop! It's interesting for me to "watch" somebody who is actually going through the process of writing a book.

KnitPastis said...

I am going to say one thing, I am hungry! You always cook up the yummiest things.

String Bean said...

Ugh, I hate bobbles. I had a feeling you'd ix-nay the nosegay pattern.
I just started a sweater, too! I ripped out the Tangled Yoke (I'll explain in my next post) and started an EZ pattern. It's so much better.

The kittens are so cute! *squash*

Rachel said...

I have Special Topics in Calamity Physics on my nightstand right now too. My husband really enjoyed it.

Good luck with Tussie Mussie! I hope it flies along.