Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away!

We've had three days of rain, which, given our drought, is fantastic news. It was gloomy, and we got rained on making our trek to the store, but we were happy about it. And what better way to enjoy the rain than with a cup of tea and some cookies:

String Bean very kindly returned the tupperware I had sent, with the improvement of stuffing them full of delicious apple cookies. Yum. You can't eat just one of these, seriously. Thank you! Thank you! (If you're curious about the china, it's a traditional Czech pattern. My mother-in-law brought these tea things back for me from a trip to Prague. They make tea taste much better.)

Wow! The response about Miss Allison was really interesting to read! Yarnthrower, I didn't mean people who have their kids call adults Miss FirstName were scary! The title referred to my being on a committee, having a crock pot, etc., and the name discussion was just a very long tangent. I had never come across that naming convention for kids before (except, as others noted, in the context of preschool teachers or dance instructors), and it was really cool to read everyone's reactions. I totally see the reasoning (easier pronunciation than last names, add a level of respect for adults)...I think I just will hate being called Miss Allison (though I was, when teaching "ballet" to 4-year-olds ages ago). Rachel, isn't it funny that I had enough imagination to HAVE an imaginary friend, but not enough to come up with a fun name for her? I also had a beloved pillow named--wait for it--Pillow, and a cherished bear named Brown Bear. Guess what color he was? Well, I shall be Miss Allison and my husband Mr. Matt (or, I suppose, Dr. Matt, which would be hilarious).

Knitting: StringBean, I am a gauge spaz, so I double-checked, and I did the average over four inches, and got 5.5. It might be the way I'm stretching stuff in the photo. Also, while I was trying to take the pictures, Lilah was climbing up my leg, which was distracting. I have decided to use the lighter fabric and use this as a layering piece. If it's doubled, I think it'll be too warm for all but a couple weeks out of the year here! I had to miss my alumni knitting group :( so I haven't found much knitting time, but my cheery red yarn is right on the coffee table where I can see it!

Reading: Just re-reading beloved mystery novels. I will be traveling soon, and I think I'll re-read the whole Harry Potter series again, both to reflect back after reading The End, and in light of the news about Dumbledore.

Writing: I occasionally jot down an idea, but I have some major reconstruction to do, which is going to take time that I just don't have. I am taking a creative writing workshop for alumni at Emory on rewriting, which I'm excited about.

Cooking: I made Black Bean Chili and Jalepeno Cornbread from past Cooking Light recipes, both lovely. It's finally getting cold, so it was perfect. I am having some trouble with Crock Potting, as by the time I get Lilah down for a nap, it's usually cutting it too close to have the Crock Pot finish cooking dinner by 6 or 7. If I want to cook anything on Low, I have to get all the ingredients prepped and in there by 8:00 am, which, hahahah!, will totally not happen. Even on High, it has to get in there by noon. Maybe I need to chop stuff the night before and have it ready to chuck in while I'm making breakfast or something. What else? I did make Red Beans and Rice, and wasn't that thrilled, mostly with the sausage-like vegetarian product I used. It was okay, but not great. I'm not really a "fake meat" kind of vegetarian, so I would have been happier leaving it out and letting Matt brown some real sausage to put in his serving.


Beth said...

I usually do all the prep for the the crockpot the night before. Then in the morning I just have to pull the crock from the fridge and drop it in the heating piece and turn it on in the morning.

YarnThrower said...

I can totally relate to the crock pot timing issue, though if I can't have it in by 8:00am to cook on "low", nor by noon to cook on "high", I have a third option to have it in a dutch oven by 4:00 to cook it on the stove. Any later than that, and we've got to order a pizza.

Only a couple of my kids' friends call me "Miss Laura", though I've so gotten into the habit of calling everybody else with a "Miss" or "Mr." prefix, that I do it even for people my kids will probably never meet. I think they all think I'm weird, but they'll remember me, right?! Both of my boys have had bears named "Brown Bear", and my five year old also has one named, "Teddy". After reading of the names you had for things when you were younger, I now have hope that my kids will grow up to actually be quite creative and talented, too!

Rachel said...

So glad to hear about the rain -- I hope it keeps up.

I was generally able to name my stuffed animals creatively, but my aunt, who always spent Christmas with us, was not, and whenever one of the kids would open a stuffed animal, she'd cry out "Pengy!" or "Lambie!" or "CowCow!" or something all enthusiastically, and we all found that we could never get that out of our heads after that.

I may re-read HP book 7 with the Dumbledore news in mind, because I actually think the explanation that DD was infatuated with Grindewald makes a much better explanation for his mistakes than that he was just young and arrogant.

KnitPastis said...

I'll have to pop back over here to keep updated on how the cookings going in your new crockpot.