Thursday, July 06, 2006

How My Garden Grows...

In hopes that this isn't the most boring post ever, here's my little downtown garden:

The basil is thriving (looks much nicer with the additional basil plants I added yesterday). From left to right, we have cilantro (doing okay, but did not benefit from a hot weekend when we were out of town), mint, basil (with mystery plant), parsley (with mystery plant), tomato (with inexplicable rosemary), and pepper (not thriving).

This is the tomato plant with bonus rosemary. Notice how everything's squished into one small corner. I am the best gardener ever! Knitpastis, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only person with gardening challenges :) Marie, I think the rosemary at least can be explained by my re-use of potting soil. After everything dies in the winter, I just leave the pots out on the porch. Then in spring, I turn under the soil and re-plant. At some point, I did have rosemary growing (maybe 2 years ago?), so that's probably where it came from.

I'm not sure what this is, growing with the parsley growing BETTER than the parsley, actually. Kind of fuzzy leaves. Maybe mint?

Knitting: Still on the baby sweater sleeves. Rain, I have been in denial about the button band and collar I have to do after the sleeves are done and it's seamed :) Ugh. Button bands. Even better, my decision to not adapt this for knitting in the round means loads of fun seaming, too! I imagine I'll get a fair amount done at the game tonight.

Writing: Urgh. Not much.


Me: Hi, my name is Allison, and I am a Harry Potter addict.
Group: Hi, Allison!

Yes, I'm re-reading the Harry Potter books again. I just can't help myself. And...another year till book 7? Augh!

Cooking: I made the Arugula Pesto recipe with spinach and walnuts. It was better with arugula, but still pretty good with spinach.


Stephanie said...

Hi, I'm Stephanie, and I'm a Harry Potter addict also.

(Hi, Stephanie!)

Stefaneener said...

Mint hasa square stem, as do its relatives (nepetha family?). Cilantro always tries to bolt, the stinker.

Garden where you are and you're a real gardener!

Marie said...'s a good thing I don't own all of the Harry Potter books. I would never do much else but read them over and over again. I already do that with enough books...:P
The plants look lovely! Even the inexplicable rosemary and the mystery plant (it doesn't really look like a mint to me...does it smell like mint?). :) I'm glad there's a rationale for the seemed too odd of a plant to just randomly sprout up.

Rain said...

How can such tiny bits of knitting take so much time? Grrr.

JK did an interview on UK tv last week talking about the last book. She's killing off 2 and 2 that were to be killed have been kept alive. They discussed killing off Harry so no unauthorised sequels can come out. It may be a bluff, but I think she might. I'm so sad there is only 1 book left.

Annie said...

Your garden is a heck of a lot better than mine. Mine...doesn't exist! :-)