Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Fast Food Knitting

Ninety minutes. Eensy ball of angora. Adorable FO:

Yes, those are the Angora Baby Booties from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, in Valeria di Roma Angora. It's such a cute, quick project, and the construction is ingenious. For those keeping score, they DO NOT go with the polo, so I will have to make another baby sweater. Darn :)

Edited to add: I would think that the dyeing process and such would have taken the bunny smell out of this yarn, but it drives Mirando bonkers. The cats never care about my knitting, but every time I have this stuff in my knitting bag and leave it unattended, Mirando dips in a paw and runs off with a ball of angora in his mouth. He even does the little killing shake they do. Matt thinks this is hilarious, especially when he runs off with yarn trailing behind him, and me running after yelling, "No! Not Mommy's angora!"

Thank you to everyone for your nice thoughts on Butterbean and the polo! Rachel, hubby is very cool that way--I would have understood if he really didn't like the pink stripe for a boy (though now I have Stefaneener's argument that pink used to be a boy color!), but he didn't care. Apparently, when I was seven and my brother was a baby, I used to dress him up in all sorts of girly stuff, and he turned out okay :)

I got a few rows done on the Hourglass Sweater last night before knocking off the baby booties. Which, seriously, are worth getting that book for. Though I've made more projects from that book than any other I have...the booties (twice), the Zipped Raglan (twice), Child's Placket-Neck Pullover (uh...five, six times), and now the Hourglass Sweater. A fair amount of errata, as seems to be the way with knitting books these days.

In other knitting news, the Indian Summer Shawl may never happen. This is what it looked like when I abandoned it months ago:

Very 1970s afghan, no? The feather and fan thing I was trying is not making me happy. I think it's the yarn, which is glorious, but not in garter stitch. I was looking for another lace pattern, and thinking I might not have the energy to design it myself anymore, when I came across this pattern, which I think might highlight the yarn nicely. It's written for lace weight, but no matter. There are a couple other patterns I have as backup in case this one looks funny, but I think it might be the way to go. I'm going to swatch with it and see how it looks.

Reading: Prisoner of Azkaban.

Writing: You remember the tricky revision I mentioned yesterday? Ha! I fixed it today. It was easier than I thought, and I only had to add one brief scene. I have one more scene to add for another subplot, then I think I can cruise back up and start chapter 7. The tricky bit about adding a character or subplot is making sure to carry it all the way back through the narrative, so I have to be sure to check on that before I go back to chapter 7.

Cooking: Not a thing. My basil is doing so well I could harvest some, but I haven't felt like cooking.


KnitPastis said...

The booties are so cute. Don't you just love instant gratification knitted things! I love this book! There is so many things I want to knit out of it.

Annie said...

I love that book! I have made several hats, a couple placket-neck sweaters, the cowel, and will hopefully start the hourglass sweater sometime soon...I have the yarn... The booties are adorable! Hooray for collecting baby items for your very own baby!

Rain said...

Those booties ar the sweetest thing ever.

I agree with you about the yarn - far too gorgeous to be gater stitch. The pattern you linked to is lovely.

Rachel said...

I think you should bind off the Indian Summer Shawl and turn it into a tie-on headband. It would be cute and then it wouldn't be burning a hole in your UFO pile. :)

Areli said...

I've been wanting to congratulate you! Congratulations on your new liitle bean! I was starting to wonder when you took some time off and then came back knitting baby clothes like crazy :-)

Chrissy said...

Those are adorable little booties!

Marie said...

Love the bunny bootees. They're the sweetest looking things ever. :) I'm have a baby shoe knitting night with an expecting friend of mine this weekend...I'll certainly have to remember to bring that pattern.