Monday, January 30, 2006

Undone by math...

Doesn't he look happy sunning himself in the pappasan chair? He obviously didn't run out of yarn..

Belle Epoque is now on temporary hiatus while I wait for the one ball of yarn I had to order to finish the second sleeve. It should be here this week. Here's the math:

For the second size, the pattern calls for 8 balls at 167 yards each. 167 x 8 = 1336. My yarn comes in 137-yard balls, and I have 10. 137 x 10 = 1370. Now, I realize it looks like I was cutting it pretty fine to begin with, but I assumed (remembering what my grandfather always said about ASSUME) that the pattern had built in a bit of yarn leeway, which I'm sure it did. My gauge was spot-on, so I thought I was fine. Until I started the second sleeve with only one (full) ball of yarn. Now I'm about a third of the way through the second sleeve on half a skein. So, either some of my yarn disappeared into the ether, or I misread the gauge. Or measured a little generously and made things a smidge longer than they needed to be. Well, thank you for expedited shipping!

Actually, it's not a bad time to take a break from Belle Epoque, even though I got *so* close to finishing, and I love moving a finished object out of the knitting bag, stashing remaining yarn, putting away the needles, and loading up the knitting bag with a new project. For one thing, the Knitting Olympics start on the 10th, and I must finish the christening shawl before then. I'm a little over halfway on the body right now. I'm not terribly excited about making the edging separately and then sewing it on, but I think I'm too lazy to figure out how I could pick up and knit the edging on. We'll see...I might surprise myself.

I had a cold all weekend, so there was a lot of napping, a little knitting, and very little of anything else.

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