Friday, January 27, 2006

One thing after another

I can already tell that coming up with a title every day is going to be a problem...

Above is the completed Opera Scarf. It was a quick knit in a simple drop stitch pattern. The yarn is lovely to work with. The backdrop is our pappasan chair, tilted toward the sun. There aren't that many options for photo shoots in our apartment, but this seems okay for small projects.

Above is the body of Belle Epoque. The yarn for this sweater was a Christmas gift, and it's very soft with excellent tension. I've sewn the shoulder seams and attached the collar extension to the back. (I dislike finishing, so it helps me to do any finishing I can early, rather than do it all at once after the knitting's all done.) Obviously, it hasn't been blocked yet. I'm struck by how much it looks like a shapeless sack. After the three weeks I spent on this (alternating with a christening shawl), I REALLY hope it looks more flattering once the ribbon band is attached to form an empire waist. The good news is that the body fits me very well. You'll notice this is from the archives...I never seem to knit current projects. But one of my upcoming projects is Tempting II. We'll see if I start it before the new issue comes out!

I've decided to join in on the Knitting Olympics fun. My project is Marie Louise's Lace Sweater from Knitter's Stash, in Southwest Trading Company Bamboo yarn. This was another gift of yarn from Christmas, and I've never knitted with bamboo before, so I'm looking forward to it. I've gotten faster at knitting, but 16 days for a sweater is a stretch for me. An additional challenge is finishing the christening shawl before the Knitting Olympics start!

Writing: The murder mystery continues. This is my first attempt at genre writing, so I'm doing a lot of outlining first. I'm hammering out the primary and secondary characters at the moment, which is great fun, especially giving them all motives and creating relationships between them.

Reading: The same, except I'm now halfway through Murder Runs in the Family by Anne George, the next in the series.

Cooking: I came up with a lovely tofu-green pea soup last night that I might submit to Cooking Light, the only cooking magazine I get. I have an enchilada recipe I came up with on Wednesday that I might submit as well. I also have a supply of Callebaut bittersweet chocolate chips, so I want to play with some of my truffle recipes soon.

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