Thursday, January 11, 2007

By popular demand...

...another picture of Lilah:

Re: Six Weird Things--Holly, I want to join your webbed toes club. Count Lilah in, too :) StringBean, I totally love even numbers, especially those divisible by four. Rachel, I cannot explain my weird alarm clock thing. I have done that since I can remember, and I have no idea how it started. Probably I was just being deliberately weird.

Stefaneener, I sent you my birth story. Feel free to skim...I do go on and on. If anyone else is interested, just post and I'm happy to share. I love my story, and I am so pleased that I was able to do it with no medication, so I love to share it with people. If enough people are interested, I may write it at the end of a future post.

Knitting: I swear, today is the day I FINISH THAT SCARF! Ahem. Excuse the yelling, but seriously, I have got to finish it so I can do Matt's second sock, so all my Christmas knitting will be done by February. It's a good thing I have "new baby" as an excuse :) I can't knit while I nurse yet, but when Lilah's sleeping on my lap, I can. And I can read while nursing, and type one-handed if I'm commenting on blogs. (So if you notice my comments on your blogs are getting more succint, I may be doing the one-handed method!) She loves to be held (not that surprising for a baby, really), and while I put her in her swing or her baby rocking chair to do laundry and write, I just love holding her.

Reading: I finished S is for Silence by Sue Grafton. You don't have to read these in order, so if you like mysteries, I highly recommend this one. I had trouble putting it down. An interesting quirk of this series is that they start with A is for Alibi in (I think) 1985, and they progress slowly, so S takes place in 1987. No cell phones or computers, just good old-fashioned gumshoe action. Kinsey is a private investigator asked to investigate the disappearance of Violet 34 years before. She thinks it's hopeless, but agrees to spend a week looking around. The book is first-person from Kinsey's point of view, except for interspersed chapters that tell about the days before Violet's disappearance from the points of view of different suspects. Anyway, it was compelling and tightly written, and it was an excellent mystery. I am now reading The Fourth Bear, the second Nursery Crime by Jasper Fforde. I enjoyed the first one, The Big Over Easy, though my favorites are his Thursday Next books.

Lilah and I read the Pooh story about Pooh and Piglet tracking the Woozle today, along with several Mother Goose rhymes. Reading has always been very big in my family, and I hope to share that with Lilah. My parents always read to me, and I was the only child I knew who would be grounded from reading. This stunned all my friends, who were always being bribed to read. But I could be grounded from everything else and not care that much, because I could still read :)

Writing: I opened my mystery novel file today! Woo! I'm starting on some revisions, then moving on.

Cooking: StringBean, if breastfeeding counts as cooking, I am doing a LOT of cooking! You crack me up :) I plan to make pizza tomorrow...we'll see if it happens. I also have ingredients to make other stuff, and I would like to make some bread. I need to make a sourdough starter again, since I lost Steph and Lula in the holiday/baby craziness. It might need to live outside the fridge (since our fridge sometimes freezes stuff). Stefaneener, I think you mentioned once that you can keep the starter out? Do you have to keep feeding it every day, then? The big perk of keeping it in the fridge is moving to a once-a-week feeding, though it's not that big a deal to do it every day, I guess.


knitting bandit said...

Congratulations on the beautiful baby! It's so nice that you are having such peaceful content time with her. Reminds me of my quiet, happy days with just me & my 1st son (who's now almost 16 and 6 ft tall). I read to him all the time and he to this day is a big reader. I continued on to have two more babies before he turned three. (Crazy days, but I'd do it again, only I'd throw in a fourth!) Anyway I continued to read to the boys but not as much, my second enjoys reading but doesn't do much. My third--he dislikes reading. I wonder sometimes if I had taken more time to read to him, as much as I had the other two, would he have been more of a reader. Who knows? Keep boys still remember our favorite books!

Rain said...

Aw, she's so lovely.

turtlegirl76 said...

Altogether now...


Anonymous said...

Oh, she is so beautiful, what an angel. I would love to hear your birth story, pretty please. knittypants at homtmail dot com I love hearing good birth stories, especially right about now :-)

Rachel said...

I love how in that photo she sort of looks like, "Oh man, the paparazzi is constantly on top of me -- NO PHOTOS!"

I would certainly read your birth story with interest if you chose to post it, though of course that's a very personal decision.

Good luck powering through your knitting! I do know people who have successfully merged knitting and breastfeeding -- I'm pretty sure one of those pillow things was involved. Either way, I'm impressed you've managed to keep up with all your pursuits as well as you clearly have!

Kelly said...

Greetings from a fellow vegetarian and knitter in Kenosha, WI!

I found your blog this afternoon as I was searching for just how to wind my yarn into balls, being a novice knitter and all. Your instructions looked perfect, and then I started reading your posts.

Congratulations on your little one... she's beautiful.

I just wanted to say hello, thanks for the instructions, and thanks for providing me with hours of internet procrastination, uh, fun reading!

Annie said...


And I would also like to hear your birth story. annieknitsATmacDOTcom

Anonymous said...

I forgot to ask you: Will you measure Lilah's feet and ankles for me? Also can you measure her chest and arm circumference? I wanted to start knitting for her, but then realised I didn't know how big or small to make anything!

Anonymous said...

She's so cute! :)
I would like to read your birth story too. The whole birth process has always seemed so terrifying to me that it is highly reassuring to hear that yours went so well and without medication!