Friday, October 20, 2006

Flora (Without the Flora)

Wow! I just posted a finished scarf, and here's another:

Pattern - Flora from Knitty
Yarn - Rowanspun 4-Ply in Siren (four strands held together), 2 skeins
Needles - Size 9
Notes - I had just enough yarn for the scarf, and didn't add the flower. For this recipient, at least, I was ambivalent about the flower anyway, and wouldn't have even considered it if it weren't removeable. This is a perfect last-minute gift, with or without the flower. Very quick to make, and lovely and elegant. The yarn possibilities are endless. I like the pattern yarns used, as well, which make for a blend of colors. I might make one for myself. I found a nice red button to use as the closure for a simple look. This was gift scarf #5. I still haven't decided whether to use the Vintage Beaded Gloves as my 6th gift, or to make another scarf. I'm leaning toward the scarf at the moment, but haven't settled on yarn/pattern ideas.

Thank you, everyone, for your very nice comments about my scarves! Stefaneener, the first time I successfully grafted something, I almost fell over in shock, and it still gives me a nice warm feeling of accomplishment. I think I'm in a heavy "nesting" phase right now, with all the knitting/baking/cleaning I've been doing.

I also cast on for the Argyle Sweater from Debbie Bliss Special Knits for Butterbean. I picked the 0-3 month size, because every Debbie Bliss baby pattern I've ever knitted has been huge. I'm using a nice warm peach color as the main color, and a white and a red for the argyle part, which is (yippee) done in intarsia. It's just 11 rows of intarsia, at least. I've been waffling a bit on whether to use the red or a warm rose color. Or maybe to use those two and ditch the white.
Here's the pattern photo:

And here's the start of the sweater, with all three balls of potential contrast yarn:

Any thoughts are welcome. I think as of now, I'm leaning toward the rose and the white, but I could be persuaded otherwise pretty easily.

Reading: Owl's Well That Ends Well.

Writing: Ha! I hadn't noticed that, Tim. Obviously, this is a fun part of the book for me :)

Cooking: Nothing new to report. Knitpastis, I should start working on a bit of food photography. Maybe on our dining room table. I usually don't bother because our kitchen is lit by fluorescent, which tends to make everything look rather yellow and unappetizing. But I think I'll start playing with it a bit.


Stefaneener said...

I'm a little bit scared by your knitting speed. I vote for red and white, but I'm a big-color gal. It's going to be lovely.

YarnThrower said...

My vote would be the white and the red.....even if it wasn't Wisconsin colors... Just think of how appropriate that would be for a baby born here! :-)

Holly said...

I vote for red and white as well. I think those colors will have a little more punch than the rose. :-) Butterbean's going to have so many wonderful things to wear!

I really like the look of the shine in the blue scarf! I might have to try that yarn very soon!

String Bean said...

Flora ...sans flora's very catchy. ;)

You're becoming domestic! Yay! I've finally got the chance to watch my sister become domestic. She's gone from Attila the Hun to Betty White.

I can't wait to see the sweater. I'd go for the white and the lighter pink (the rose, I believe). The middle color - looks sort of magenta- it's too dark.

I'll have to knit some accesories for Butterbean. How 'bout a few hats and a bib or two? I've got loads of dishcloth cotton waiting to be knit.

(Have I mentioned lately that my wip diminishing plan has completely gone down the drain? I'm still trying, but it's hopeless.)

Brittany said...

That sweater is adorable! I think the red and white will have a bigger impact - like the sample.

KnitPastis said...

Flora is cute. You are knitting things up so quickly girl! I hear ya on the yellow photos taken the house. Happens to me pretty much everytime:) Still it would be nice to see photos of the food you make. They sound out of this world.

Rain said...

Flora looks great without the flower, I love the dramatic red you chose.

I am so glad to see you knitting the argyle from DB. I think it's adorable and can't wait for Butterbean to arrive to see her in it.

I'd go for the white and rose personally, I think it will have a better effect, I think the red may be a little strong and overwhelm the others.

Rachel said...

Sorry I've been so behind on the comments and posting things that wind up being totally irrelevant by the time I get to the next post (like giving my opinion on something that actually has already been decided).

I love the simplicity of Flora without the flower -- though I admit I was skeptical at first. I must keep that pattern in mind.