Friday, June 09, 2006

Too hot to move

It's cooling off, finally, but it's been pretty hot around here. The cats stretch out as far as they can and give us reproachful looks, as if to say, "We're wearing fur coats! Turn on the darn air conditioning!" Sometimes we'll look over and Geronimo is hanging out belly-up. They've switched to warm weather sleeping spots--the kitty carrier (they love their kitty carrier, so we leave it out all the time), the dining room chairs, the linoleum floors. When it gets really hot, Mirando sleeps on top of the toilet or in the sink as well.

Blogger has gotten over it's two-day snit (not sure what I did to deserve that).

Knitting: Nothing new.

Writing: I started extensive revision, including new subplots and a renovated first chapter. I think I may add in a chapter between 1 & 2 as well. I'm still working on the chapter 1 revisions. It's hard for me to decide what to revise now and what to hold off on until the second full draft. In this case, the new subplots (including a couple of new characters) need to be established and then carried along throughout, so I needed to revise early.

Reading: I admit this? I am reading Black Wind by Clive Cussler. Yup, a Dirk Pitt novel. Sure, they have wildly implausible plots, and I think Cussler gets the giant box of adjectives/adverbs at CostCo and makes sure to dump them all in the book, but heck, they're fun.

Cooking: It's been too hot to cook. This weekend, maybe.


Areli said...

Awwww...Cute kitties!

Rain said...

Poor kitties. I always feel sorry for the furry set when it gets so hot.

KnitPastis said...

It's was cool here today too, so cool I was back to wearing a sweatshirt! I started reading again..The World Is Flat".

String Bean said...

Our kitties have taken to sleeping on the cool dining room floor or on the top of the washing machine when it's not in use.

Hm..Clive Cussler. Can't say I'm a fan. I did go to the library for the first time in a few years and borrowed a bunch of Peter Mayle's books.