Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hey, I made something! And if you want a free book...

I finished a hat a few days ago for a last-minute Christmas present for my father-in-law, who takes walks almost every day (in Wisconsin!) and will certainly use it. I chose my Manly Hat pattern (available at left), as it's very simple but textured, and suited to the Debbie Bliss Merino Aran I had in a nice charcoal grey.

Shameless plug alert! Actually, this is relevant to a (mostly) knitting blog, and I think several of you will want to enter the contest I'm holding over on the book blog where I post my reviews. I read Death by Cashmere, the first in the Seaside Knitters mystery series, and really enjoyed it. I had the opportunity to "interview" the author, Sally Goldenbaum, by e-mail AND I received a brand-new, hardcover copy of the book to giveaway. Head on over to this post to enter the contest and read Sally's answers to my nosy questions.

Other knitting: Still going on the green blanket. Will I be done by Christmas? Will my Christmas cards be mailed by Christmas? (It's not a good sign that I'm using passive voice here, as in, will some elves sneak in during the night and address and stamp the envelopes for me?) The holidays are so busy, but I really want to get this blanket done so I can gift it in a timely fashion.

Reading: Lots of Christmas mysteries! It's been fun reading them. I'm taking a break to read my book club selection, Finding Nouf, and it's fascinating.

Writing: Not a thing.

Cooking: I made a nice mushroom-wine-tomato sauce for pasta, but it was a bit watery. I made some chocolate treats for a friend's holiday open house (makes me feel less lazy for not having my own party!), and everything went well in the end. I made Hedonistic Fudgies again (yummmmm), espresso-roasted almond truffles, chocolate mousse truffles that did not firm up and were turned into chocolate mousse (still good), and mini flourless chocolate cakes made from pistachio butter (from a Cooking Light recipe). I have also turned 33 pounds of apples into a lovely array of jars of apple butter taking up quite a lot of counter space. Must start mailing them and handing them out as gifts!


YarnThrower said...

I know your father in law will love the hat. The first one turned out so great per the photo in your directions, and also it is 6 degrees F here right now. Plus, it is snowing as I write this. (One "snow day" so far this year already, too.) (Perhaps you will deliver the hat to your father in law in person, and be reminded of our winter weather while you are here... Perhaps you vividly recall it already, and don't need any refreshers..... :-)

In any case, good luck with the Christmas cards! I decided a month ago that mine are going to be mailed in January...

Stefaneener said...

Oh, cards . . . I'd like to have some mailed. I'd like to have my gifts wrapped, but who knows what is going to happen?

Anonymous said...

I didn't even get to the part about purchasing the cards this year.

Oh - unless you count the cards that are piled up in a box - yes, those ones over there - that I bought last year and didn't mail and the year before that and didn't mail.

I'll get it right at some point. I just tell myself I'm saving trees by not buying more under the false pretense of a plan to actually mail them this time!

KnitPastis said...

Shamless plug. LOL but a good one. He will need that hat living in Wisconsin!
That's the book I was trying to think about yesterday while trying to find another book. I almost bought another Stephanie Plum. Going to read reviews to see if Death By Cashmere can keep my attention. Have this 30% coupon I am trying to use.