Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just when you need it...

Yesterday was a tough day. Attempts at getting Lilah down for a nap were thwarted, so she was really cranky all afternoon. But, just when I needed it, two things brought me a smile!

Kate, of Knit the Knits gave me an award:

I was absolutely tickled. There are rules attached:
1. post this award on your blog;
2. add a link to the person who sent you the award;
3. nominate at least 4 other bloggers, and add their links as well; and
4. leave a comment at the new recipients' blogs, so they know they got an award.

If you haven't visited Knit the Knits, you ought to. Go for the gorgeous lace knitting, stay for the dry humor and abundant technical terms. I do! It's not easy to pick four recipients. I love all the blogs to which I link, so I'll give the award to those who have specifically made me smile recently.

KnitPastis (you'll see why in a minute): Gorgeous socks, inspiring posts.

StringBean of Crash Test Dummies: She does the projects I lack the ambition to attempt myself and cracks me up.

Stefaneener of Reading While Knitting": I want to be Stefaneener when I grow up. Go see her blog, and you will, too.

Amy of Sassy Does It: A kindred blog-spirit.

I took Lilah to the post office as a bedtime-stalling measure, and had a lovely package from KnitPastis, with many, many treats! I promptly moved my Placket Neck Pullover into this one:

Isn't that the cutest project bag? It's so soft, and a million times nicer to look at than the gallon-sized baggie I was using (I know, so tacky--it was left over from my travel knitting).

Thank you for your comments on my last post! It's been really funny to me, desperate people noticing things in my cart and asking how I cook them. But I love talking about cooking, so it's fun.

Knitting: Finished sleeve #1 on Placket Neck. The number of ends to weave in is HUGE. Even though I always tell myself I'll weave them in as I go along, I never do. It's going to take forever. But I like the striping, and I think it'll be cute. I'm still not sure I have enough white yarn, but I can order a ball if needed.

Reading: I have several reviews to get up on On My Bookshelf. I read a few kids' books, a really, really funny mystery (Brigadoom! by Susan Goodwill), and Staggerford by Jon Hassler. I'm still pondering the ending of Staggerford. I'm not sure it was fair. But it's a good sign that I'm still thinking about it. I'm now reading another of my Joan Hess mysteries.

Writing: 12,294 words! Not as much progress, as we had company. But Chapter 2 is done, and Chapter 3 is clicking along. I think my chapters are far too long, though I do have section breaks. Not that it's a big concern, just something that's occurring to me. I'm focused on the forward progress, just keeping notes on changes I'll want to go back and make. Nothing huge, though one subplot needs some tweaking, as I really mishandled it. I know how to fix it, at least.

Cooking: Have I made anything interesting? Oh, with the last cheap blueberries of the season, I made blueberry ginger jam that is really nice. I made my granola (recipe linked at left), but left out the coconut, added the zest of one orange, and used all cranberries, no raisins for a Cranberry Orange version. It was nice. I made some whole wheat scones to go with my jam.

Weight Watchers update: 6 pounds, 2 weeks...yay!


Stefaneener said...

Thank you very much. Rules -- eeek.

Some day we'll meet and you can see my feet of clay in person. But I'll be eating your jam!

KnitPastis said...

Thank you so much! I am so honored.

Glad your gifts arrived and are able to put your new knitting bag to good use.

Speaking of scones and jam, trying them out today for my afternoon snack:)

String Bean said...

I'd like to thank the academy...

YarnThrower said...

YAY for your Weight Watchers progress! I know it's not easy, and no fun, but seeing progress makes it better!

I've tried many times to convince myself that weaving in as I go would be better, but then I still put it off to the end. If you figure out a solution for this, I'm all ears!

Have a great Wednesday!

Amy said...

Cool blogfriend, thy name is Allison.

Thank you thank you for my awesome, first-ever blog award. I couldn't be more proud. And honored. I feel special!

Wow - go you, with over 12,000 words. Keep it up: you are so impressive.

I was excited about the mention of granola (I had "swiss cereal" this morning at a hotel in Maine - basically yogurt and a bit of honey pre-mixed with oats and nuts and golden raisins with fruit on top - and it was so yummy) and then I saw the whole wheat scones. Want to bake now! After flying all day I'm back home to my kitchen where these delicious nutritious things can actually become a reality. Yessssssss.

Love cranberry-orange anything. Man, I'm hungry. Must go eat.

Thank you again. You rule.