Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's been one of THOSE days...

I will have an actual FO picture up soon (maybe tomorrow), but I wanted to vent a bit. I just got home last night with Lilah from a couple of weeks visiting my parents.

1. The four-hour flight went really well. Lilah was awesome. Then we were stuck in holding patterns for an extra hour before we could land, due to thunderstorms.

2. On the way to the airport, my husband was rear-ended while driving my car to pick us up. There's a busted taillight, so I'm stuck at home until we get the insurance figured out and get it fixed.

3. The air conditioning is iffy, not really keeping up when it's hot. Our a/c guy has postponed twice now and he didn't call today like he was supposed to.

4. I was expecting to have my two ARCs for review waiting for me when I got back...nope.

5. We are on a "Boil all water" warning until further notice because of a power outage at a water treatment plant last night. I found out about noon today. Yuck. We're not even supposed to bathe.

6. Lilah and I are both jet-lagged and cranky.

7. There is NO ICE CREAM in the house and no store in walking distance. And I can't drive my car.


GBK Gwyneth said...

Welcome home :) Time to head out again already?

1. I walk to Ingle's all the time. In fact, the last time I walked there was to buy Turtle Tracks for us.

2. Phil says no need to boil. Don't know if I trust that or not...but I'm not there to really worry about it.

3. Do you like Alexander McCall Smith?

YarnThrower said...

Whoa! That **really** is one of THOSE days! Gives whole new meaning to the phrase, "There's no place like home." Any chance you're on "Candid Camera?" (You're probably too young to even remember that show.....)

I hope that tomorrow is SOOOO much better. Knowing you a little bit through your blog, I'd bet money that you could pull together a few ingredients from things you have on hand in order to whip up your own new yummy flavor of ice cream... Good luck!

Holly said...

Ha! I think the most tragic thing about yesterday, was no ice cream! ;-) No seriously, it really stinks to come home from being away so long and not be able to just plop down in a car and recuperate from your trip. I hope the A/C gets fixed soon!

When we were in Galesburg in June for a golf tournament, they had a boil order going in the city. But they said it was fine to still bathe in it. Maybe your water is different...or maybe we shouldn't have been showering in it. But we're still here and fine. :-)

Good luck hope things look up for you guys!

mle said...

Oh wow, that is pretty rough! Yuck! Here's hoping things will start to improve soon!